Photographing Ruby the Schnauzer and Jack the Cocker Spaniel was a birthday present from their “Dad” to their “Mom”! It was the third birthday present from a boyfriend/husband that I did this year (girlfriends and wives, get hinting!). We met at a park not far from where they live and after a few minutes of getting to know me time, during which I nearly lost my fingers, I could see their food drive was enough to get us through any potential camera shyness issues.

Schnauzer and Cocker Spaniel sitting together on stone steps

Ruby was posing it up and head-tilting like a pro from the get-go!

black and silver schnauzer sitting on bench with head tilt

Doesn’t Jack have the most fabulous eyelashes?

Black cocker spaniel photographed from above

When I saw this on the back of my camera I cracked up laughing. How the hell can she see where she’s going with all that hair in her eyes?!!

schnauzer running with ball in mouth and hair in eyes

schnauzer running to catch ball

I brought a special squeaky toy for Jackie but she wasn’t remotely interested. Luckily her people had brought her favourite, a tennis ball.

black dog running with orange ball

black cocker spaniel running with ball in mouth

I won’t lie, it took a while to get this shot with all the distractions that were going on and it’s altogether possible that I whooped when I finally got it. Job satisfaction at it’s finest!

cheeky schnauzer looking through gap in fence

It would have been a crime not to include the cherry blossoms in a few of the photos. Aren’t they spectacular?

black dog sitting under cherry blossom

Early on in the session I pointed out that Jack’s lips were stuck and was told “it’s her, it happens all the time”. What a clown!

cocker spaniel lying on rock with funny face

“What do you mean the session’s over and I can’t have any more treats?”

black and silver schnauzer sitting in green foliage

Rachel and Kieran chose these images for a canvas wall collection for their living room. The composite below is of two canvasses that will be hung independent of each other elsewhere in the house.



Do you have a birthday coming up? Let me know if you want me to post you some promotional material to casually leave lying around the house. Or directly on your other-half’s pillow. Whatever approach works best for you!

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