It was a real struggle choosing photos for this blog post because there are just so many from the shoot that I love. Maverick was such a great dog to work with. He’s only 15 months old and he’s still full of puppy silliness, but he’s also well trained and socialised. So, even though the location we’d arranged to meet at was really crowded with families celebrating Father’s Day, he kept his focus on me and posed like a pro. He should get himself an agent!

I heard he loved rope toys so I got this big one for him.

He approved!

It had a tendency to smack him in the face when he ran though, so I gave him the squeaky Cuz toy instead. I was lucky to get it back with the feet intact.

Just look at that face. Isn’t he gorgeous?

This is his favourite toy in the world – squeaky horse. More than once he spotted it behind me on the ground and took off with it! I’d be very surprised if it’s still alive. It was already on it’s last legs at our shoot.

Sticks are tasty too.

Even after the sun had set he was still smiling and head tilting. What a good boy.

Thanks for a great session Maverick and Lyndall!

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