A couple of weeks ago an email came through with “puppy photos” as the subject. Mink’s owner did say at one stage that she was changing every day so I thought her puppy must be on the verge of adolescence. We set about making arrangements but it wasn’t until all the paperwork was returned that I saw Mink was only 9 weeks old! While I was more than a little excited, I definitely wasn’t expecting any level of obedience. How wrong was I?

Usually when I put puppies in a chair to stop them from running around it takes me and a handler to stop them from jumping out of it. Not Mink. She just sat there and head-tilted like a pro!

After a whole heap of posing we set her free to run around and do silly puppy things. How stinkin’ cute is she?!

Mink lives about 2 hours out of Sydney, but her owner chose to pay a little extra for me to travel to them so Mink could be free to run around off lead in her own environment.

After all the zoomies she was pretty sleepy but she soldiered on and did some more awesome sitting and staying on a tree stump at the back of the property while the sun set behind her.

I had such a great time up in Cessknock. If you live outside of Sydney ask me about my travel rates. I’ve just learned how to use my cruise control so long drives aren’t so scary for me any more!

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