Firstly, I need to apologise to everyone that’s subscribed to my blog who received a couple of emails of old blog posts this week. I was moving host companies and I guess they were caused by that. Everything should be back to normal now. I hope!!

Kyna’s owner booked her session many months ago, but they live over 8hrs away and it took three trips to Sydney to get a day with no rain. It was third time lucky though, thankfully. I’d never done a shoot in the city before so it was such a joy to have a well trained dog, perfect weather and a great backdrop. We started on Observatory Hill, which is a beautiful park overlooking the city with lush green grass and massive trees.

She’s a massive head-tilter!

From there we made our way down to The Rocks. Kyna had a bit of a lie down there. You can do that when you’re ten years old and only have one hip!

Then we did the obligatory tourist shots in front of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge!

After all that we went back up to the park for a run. She doesn’t let her lack of one hip slow her down at all!

I believe she slept very well that night!

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