I could not be any more excited to share these photos with you. I suspect that most of the people that follow my work are bull breed fanatics, but I think even these little furballs will be to your liking! Bandit and Shiver are both rescues and I was utterly delighted to hear that their owner is studying to be a dog trainer with the NDTF. Not only are these guys deadset adorable, they’re also socialised, well trained AND do tricks – every photographer’s dream.


Um, “chalk”?!

Oh I do love photographing flying Poms. They’re just so comical.

If these guys look familiar to you, yes, they were on Bondi Vet. They were attacked by two off lead dogs and Shiver nearly died as a result of his injuries. Luckily they’re both ok now and I’m glad I got to meet them and have this session – it was such a pleasure working with these superstars in the making.

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