Meet Bolt!

Bolt is a 12 month old Husky with juvenile cataracts. One eye is mature and the other eye is very rapidly reaching that point as well. As of 2 weeks ago the opthomologist gave him a 95% success rate if they operated within the month.

So far Arctic Breed Rescue have managed to raise just under half of his specialist surgery bill. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to operate on him until they raise the rest. This is a concern because in the two weeks since they saw him last his eyesight has deteriorated.

Direct donations can be made here:
Animal Referral Hospital
BSB: 032069
A/C#: 147824
Reference: 97944 + Bolt

Or you can donate to Arctic Breed Rescue here:
BSB: 062124
A/C#: 11120351
Reference: Name + Bolt

You can also help by buying merchandise from Rockin Da Huskies at this link.

Please give what you can, and share this post far and wide.

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