Back in February I introduced you to Jackson. I regularly post photos of him on Facebook. I bring him to pet events with his “adopt me” vest on. He’s been featured on the Puppy Tales blog. Everyone who meets him loves him and lots of people wish they could give him a home but their current circumstances won’t allow it. Despite my best efforts to promote him, three months later he still hasn’t had so much as a meet and greet. We have no idea why, he’s such a great dog!

So, while he’s waiting, here are some more photos of his handsome face.

A few weeks ago Trixie celebrated her 7th “birthday”. This was the hardest photo shoot Jackson’s ever had to partake in. He didn’t understand how there could be five yummy treats in front of him but he wasn’t allowed to gobble them up. He managed to get through it but the look on his face remained utterly pathetic throughout, God love him!

It’s Jackson’s 2nd birthday on 15 June [which is the same day as the Fetching Dogs Trivia Night, buy a ticket!] and we’d really love for him to get to celebrate it with his new family, so please share his profile far and wide >

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