Jackson is a dog that’s become very dear to my heart. He first came to my attention when my friend posted an urgent plea on her Facebook page for someone to adopt this gorgeous boy. He’d been at the pound for two months and was due to be PTS that afternoon. Luckily he got a last minute save by a friend of a friend and a week or so later I got to meet him and fell in love. He’s very much like Bruno – one part serious and nine parts goofy – and as you all know, that makes him ok in my book!

Unfortunately that home didn’t work out for him as he doesn’t like being left on his own for long periods. He’s happier with doggy friends and/or an owner that’s home a lot. So, Jackson is living with us until a suitable home is found. His profile is here. Please share it around if you know anyone who might be looking for a dog like him.

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