More puppies. I know, it’s a tough gig! If you follow Renbury Farm Animal Shelter or Fetching Dogs on Facebook you’ll probably remember Kimono. She was surrendered to the pound heavily pregnant [along with her son]. Because of the colour of her nose and the bullshit legislation we have here, that condemns a dog based solely on their appearance and not their actions, she had to be breed assessed before she was able to go into foster care. While she was waiting for her BA she started giving birth in the pound. Luckily Renbury Farm have great staff, they looked after her well and made sure she was comfortable while she whelped fourteen puppies. Unfortunately she lost three in the first 24 hours and another one at two weeks, leaving ten altogether – Inari, Anzu, Kasumi, Mizo, Emiri, Akita, Kazaki, Samurai, Dashi and Zen.

They’re only three weeks old, so they won’t be up for adoption for another five weeks at least. Kimono will also be looking for a home. She has the most beautiful temperament.

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