After I photographed Kimono and her puppies on Thursday morning I drove to nearby kennels to do adoption photos for all the Arctic Breed Rescue [NSW] dogs. I’m sure I was told in advance, but it didn’t quite register, that there were eight of them there! It was about 11am and not a cloud in the sky. Thankfully we were able to find a nice shady patch and even though the dogs were less than thrilled about being tied to a tree, we eventually managed to get photos of them all!

Minnie and Zane


Casper and Channing

Channing thought I was pretty funny

Handsomepants Casper again

Ruthy Ruthless was my fave – funnily enough!

Mischka and Bear

An arctic breed that fetches – you don’t see that too often!

Arctic Breed Rescue have just come on board as a Ruthless Things affiliate, so you’ll be seeing more of their dogs on here from now on. If you’re interested in any of these dogs you can read their profiles on the ABR website.

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