When I arrived for Flynn’s photoshoot he was already entertaining himself with a ball in the living room. The other three dogs he lives with are all a bit older with lower energy levels, so when he throws the ball in front of them and they don’t take it he just grabs it and throws it around for himself. I could have sat and watched him for hours, it was hilarious! So, if you think there’s a bit of a crazed, ball-obsessed, look in his eyes in a lot of these photos, you’re not wrong!

When we’d finished in the garden we went to a park to get some action shots. I was so excited to find another pile of woodchips there! My new favourite thing!

Little Riley even got in on the modeling action. Such a cutie!

What is it Flynn? Is it a ball? Fetchhhhhhhh…

Apparently he slept well that night. I know I did too, I was exhausted! Thanks for another fun shoot Adriana. I can’t wait until you get your next foster failure so I can come back for more! 😉

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