At 17 years of age, Booker is by far the most senior dog I photographed to date. She’s deaf and a little senile, so the session took a very different pace to my usual shoots. We met in Centennial Park on Monday afternoon. The skies had finally cleared after three days of rain. I didn’t have a huge amount of time as she tires quickly, so, armed with her favourite snack – liver treats – off we went!

You see that smile? Entirely thanks to the food!

She liked to just plod along and do her own thing, but every now and again I’d wave a treat under her nose and her whole face would come to life.

After all the trekking through the greenery and around the woodchip she had a little sit down in the long grass and enjoyed the evening sun.

What a sweet old girl and a real pleasure to photograph, thanks Danielle!

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