Finally, after a year and half of research, prototype making and many late nights, it’s finally here: strong leather dog collars. It’s a work in progress and we still have lots more exciting things to add to it, but let’s not dwell on that, let’s celebrate the fact that we finally have a website, yay!!!

Here are the last few pieces that we added to the site.

This is a wide Rocknrolla in black and antique brass, modeled by Boo the Great Dane [more photos of him to come soon]. Pictured below is a matching wide leash.

This is a plain 3ft version of the wide leash in black and brass.

I posted some photos of Lola last week. The jumping photo from her shoot was a real hit so we decided to use it on our home page and also on some promotional postcards we’re having printed. Lola modeled a regular Stud Muffin collar in chestnut and antique brass.

Even Angel got put to work this week. We made this collar especially for her, so even though she’s a REALLY uncooperative model, I managed to squeeze a few shots out of her. This is a regular Asteroid Belt in burgundy and silver. Below is a matching narrow leash.

The gorgeous Obi modeled a regular Lone Ranger collar in chestnut and silver. I’ll post more photos of him soon. It’ll be worth the wait, he’s just stunning!

Furia stood in as a temporary model of the regular Decoder collar. Taite the Dalmatian will be taking her place in a few weeks.

The last thing we added to the site is a 13mm [1/2″] wide slip leash in chestnut and brass.

We selling off some of our prototypes for AUD$100 [+p&p] on our Facebook page. Here’s a link to the album.

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