This weekend I got to borrow Boo the Great Dane to model this 1.5″ Rocknrolla collar in black and antique brass. We met at 7.30am on Sunday in Camperdown Cemetery. It was nice and quiet. In fact the sun wasn’t even quite up yet so when Boo wasn’t doing zoomies or rolling around with a stick I was able to get some nice headshots.

I got to experience Dane zoomies for the first time. I won’t lie to you, I was a little bit terrified!! Apparently the key is to not move cause he’ll change course at the last minute and if you move he’ll most likely run into you. Luckily there were plenty of gravestones to hide behind!! Is it a dog? Is it a Kangaroo??!

For his efforts, Boo has now been immortalised on the Ruthless Leather website and he’s the envy of all his Great Dane buddies.

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