I finally got to take photos of Sidney last night. The first shoot was arranged for last week but he got savaged by mosquitoes the night before. We rescheduled for Monday but it rained. So luckily we got to go ahead with it last night cause Sid’s family are emigrating to London on Saturday. Sad face.

Sid’s such a happy little boy. I brought bubbles for him and he kept saying “bubbles, yay”. When he found a stick it was “stick, yay”. When we got back to the house afterwards he had “milk, yay”. Too cute!

They’ve been living in Newtown, so we just had to walk out the door into Camperdown Park to find some great graffiti.
I love how their eyes are both looking the same direction!

He was running around …

… but he fell over a few times!

If you look closely you can see his name tattooed on his Daddy’s wrist.

Then we went to the cemetery next door to look at the big fig tree.

Stick, yay!

Then it was bedtime so it was time to go home.

Safe travels Gazza and Nomi and Sid, see you soooooon! x

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