When Gayle booked me to take photos of Boss she warned me several times that he’s very naughty. I laughed it off and thought no one else’s dogs are as naughty as mine, I can handle it.

She said he gets really obsessed with toys, so I brought a stash of Cabanossi thinking I’d be able to get him to do anything for treats. I very quickly learned that anytime I reached for a treat he’d bark at me. Not so nice for the neighbours at 6am on a Sunday morning!

I took a couple of shots in the garden before taking a little stroll around the streets of Surry Hills and then over to the dog park. He was a challenging dog to photograph, but as Gayle kept reminding me, if I can do this I can do anything!

Banged up in the courtyard.

On the streets of Surry Hills.


Boss got a stern talking to …

… it worked!

Can you get it for me? I promise not to bark at you!

He’s a pretty mean ball catcher!

Then finally, after lots of barking at me, I managed to get one of him smiling for the camera! It was my last shot of the morning … number 303!!

He’s a sweet dog really, just a little bossy. I wish Angel would embody her name in the same way!!

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