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Monthly Archives: December 2013

And while I’m on a blogging roll check out this pair of lovelies – five year old brother and sister, Molly and Digger!


That photo was taken in the entrance to their boathouse, which is on their private beach at the end of their massive garden. These dogs really do have the life. And I think they know it, because they’re two of the most happy and contented dogs that I’ve met in a long time.



It’s rare that I’d do an entire shoot at the clients house, but there really was no need to go anywhere else. There was even room for running shots.




These two were impeccably behaved. They really were a pleasure to work with.





How’s that for a couple of winning smiles?


I probably could’ve kept shooting for several more enjoyable hours, but they’d gone through all my treats and the bitey insects were savaging me so I called it a day. I was barely home before I asked their owner to adopt me and my family. I could totally see us living there. What a great life for dogs and people alike. I’m off to buy a lottery ticket!

A couple of weeks ago, when there was finally a break in the bad weather, I got to photograph these two very pretty rescue kitties.



Mitz and Sammy weren’t especially keen on doing any posing (that’s an understatement), but with a combination of long lenses, patience and lots of tiptoeing I managed to not let them get the better of me!



Sammy wasn’t timid or camera shy, he just knew it was nearly time to come inside for the night and he didn’t want to, so if anyone came too close he’d scarper, but never very far away. Just out of reach. Such a tease.





I’m not one to pat myself on the back, but considering the difficulty rating on this shoot was 9.5, I’m pretty happy with the images and I look forward to seeing the finished album. Keep an eye on Facebook for photos of the whole order.

As I said at the outset, Mitz and Sammy are rescues. It’s currently kitten season and pounds across the country are full to the brim with adult cats and kittens. If you’re thinking about adding a feline companion to your family now would be a great time to do it. Or if you can open your home to a foster or ten I’m sure Fetching Cats would love to hear from you.

Ladies and gentlemen – meet Ruby!


Regular followers of my blog are probably thinking she’s another MonElite Dobermann, but she’s not. She does have similar lines in her pedigree though, so you’re not that far off the mark.


We started her session at home where Ruby made me try every trick in the pet photographer’s handbook to get photos of her – owners there, owners not there, food, no food, toys, noises, tethered, action – we tried them all!


But Ruby only wanted one thing – to run!



I don’t tend to shoot in offlead areas, but I’m glad I made the exception this time because when we got there it was totally empty and it was actually quite a nice park. After running for well over half an hour she finally did something I was wondering if she’d ever do – she stopped moving for more than a nano second.



And just before the light totally faded, she even lay down. Briefly!


I won’t lie, she made me work hard for these shots, but I hope you agree that it was well worth it in the end. If you’d like to see part of the finished product, you can see her wall cluster on my Facebook page.