Some favourites from my recent Autumn shoot in Canberra. It was Frankie’s third time in front of my camera but I hadn’t even met Penny yet. They both did so good, posing in very some difficult places with lots of distractions. Even though Penny took off after a rabbit at one point she did manage to regain her composure afterwards!

Their ordered artworks were shipped directly from my lab to Canberra. You can see them at the end of this video – an Agfa canvas wall art collection, a Rubix framed storyboard and a ready to frame fine art print.

Oh, and yes, I did make those fancy new collars they’re both wearing –

Click the cog wheel to select the best resolution.

If you’d like to celebrate your pet’s colourful personality with beautiful artworks for your home please click the button below for more details about how I work and the full range of products I offer.

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