Yesterday we met up with Azuki and Mitch’s people to let our boys try out the lure coursing machine. As you can see, there are no photos of Butters and Ninja chasing the lure because my crazy redheads were more interested in saying hi to all their potential new friends (Butters the other dogs in their car and Ninja their people, standard). When we got home Dave spent the day researching how to build his own machine so maybe one day there will be photos of them doing this.

It wasn’t the prettiest light to shoot in but I’ll share some of my favourites anyway. There were way too many to edit so I made stop motion videos of each of the dogs running. I bet they slept well last night. Ours were certainly tired from all the FOMO screaming they did!

Click the cog wheel in the corner of the video and select HD for best quality.


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