The youngest has never had a location session – lots of studio sessions but never an outdoors one with anything other than my phone camera – so last week we went on a roadtrip to the mountains. Ninja’s pretty obedient and has a rock solid recall at home but I was still nervous about having him off lead, without Dave there to assist me. I didn’t need to worry though, he did excellent stays at a distance and came straight to me every time. He even resisted chasing the magpies and left skid marks when he came to a halt beside me.

People kept commenting on what a good boy he was and were very impressed by his posing. I smiled and nodded and quietly wished they’d go away and stop distracting him, haha. ⁣

Click on the first thumbnail to open the full image and then scroll though the gallery using your arrow keys or the arrow buttons on the left and right of the image.

There’s probably still time if you want Autumn photos of your dog this year – get in touch, I’d love to create beautiful images like these of your dog.

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