Chloe the Cocker Spaniel came in for a studio session with her person just before the COVID shutdown. It was a while ago but I seem to remember spending most of the time gushing about how photogenic she is! I’m not wrong, am I?
pretty cocker spaniel on pink cushion white background
pretty cocker spaniel headshot against white background
funny cocker spaniel raspberry mlep against white background
Not many people choose the pink backdrop but I really love it so it makes me extra happy when I get to use it.
pretty smiling cocker spaniel on white chair with pink background
pretty smiling cocker spaniel standing holding soft toy in mouth on pink background
I have a wide array of props for my clients to choose from, if they want to, but this fancy number belongs to Queen Chloe herself!
happy cocker spaniel wearing fancy dress costume
Chloe loves balls and sticks so we had to incorporate them into the shoot.
cute cocker spaniel lying on white backdrop with kong squeaky ball
cute cocker spaniel lying on white backdrop with a stick in her mouth
I often get asked by the owner if they can be in some of the photos – OF COURSE YOU CAN!!!
cocker spaniel dog and owner sharing a hug
cocker spaniel dog kissing female owner
If you want more of Chloe in your life you can follow her on Instagram:

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