Way back in 2013 I was hired to photograph a very cute chocolate Border Collie puppy called Mink. I’m going to post a link to the blog post but for some reason the images are covered in weird watermarks that I didn’t put there so please excuse those! https://www.ruthlessphotos.com/2013/07/mink-the-border-collie-sydney-dog-photographer/

Fast forward to 2019, Mink made another very cute chocolate Border Collie puppy and he needed to be photographed too.


Hunter was the only puppy in the litter and he went to town at the milk bar! When he arrived at my studio he was a verrry fluffy and verrry roly poly little puppy. He was full of confidence and took the whole experience in his stride. It was SO fun.


He’d had this teddy since he was born and his owner wanted a photo with it. He went next level cute and held it in his mouth for the photo. DEAD FROM THE CUTE!


The whole family came to the shoot so we could get some with Mum and some as a whole pack. Hunter chose this time in the shoot to get really silly. I’m not complaining, it made for a great series!


The adults are seasoned pros in front of the camera. There was no additional fee to include them in the shoot because I knew they’d be eeeeeasy.


After the studio we drove to the park, to catch the last light. Hunter had an absolute ball hooning around in the grass. He also made several attempts to run into the pond but luckily his fat little legs couldn’t move as fast as his fit, agility fanatic, owner!


I’ve posted a digital flip through of Hunter’s stunning luxury 12×12″ album on my Facebook page. It’s chock full of adorable.

I didn’t publish a puppy diary last year but if I did Hunter would’ve been the perfect age for it. I recently opened applications for my 2021 Adorable Puppies diary so if you would like to score a discounted session and a free shoot on their 1st birthday click the button below for more info.

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