I was contacted by Antinol recently and asked to create an image library for them. They wanted authentic images that showed the bond between actual dogs who take the supplement and their owners. Not models.

If you’re not familiar with the product here’s some info from their website:

Antinol® is the all new natural joint treatment containing PCSO-524® and it’s now available in Australia. With no known side effects, the PCSO-524® contained in Antinol® has assisted millions of dogs around the world to enhance their mobility and start moving again.

Antinol® is fast acting so you can expect to see results in just 10-14 days. Taken daily, Antinol® will help your dog maintain an active lifestyle and reduce the onset effects of joint conditions.

In a veterinary assessment, up to 90% of dogs who received Antinol® showed enhanced mobility. Taken daily, it supports your dog’s joint health and mobility to help maintain an active life.

I didn’t select the models but if you’ve followed me for a while you might recognise Peityn, Kai and Zari. This was my fifth session with their owners!

woman hugging her shar pei antinol
smiling woman hugging her shar pei antinol
blue shar pei shaking paw with female hand antinol
black and white border collie mix sitting with owner from above antinol
smiling black and white border collie mix standing with front legs on wooden beam antinol

Next up was Swayze. Although his owner and I had never met we’d spoken online several times before. Apparently I know a lot of fellow crazy dog ladies!

golden retriever sitting pretty beside girl in skirt antinol
smiling golden retriever being hugged by female owner antinol
happy golden retriever playing on sand antinol
happy golden retriever running on sand antinol
happy golden retriever with face in owners hands antinol
handsome golden retriever holding orange kong toy in mouth antinol

My next shoot was with Sacha from The Balanced Canine and her gorgeous boys Gavin and Little Man. Sacha sells Antinol and was involved in trialling the product. All of the models are her clients and she also very kindly put my name forward for this job, so the pressure was on to do my best work! Luckily they were naturals in front of the camera and made me look really good.

sacha and little man on steps antinol
sacha kissing gavin antinol
sacha and dogs walking away antinol
sacha and dogs portrait antinol
sacha and gavin standing antinol
little man the labramutt running antinol

Mel, Puddin (best name!) and Matisse had their session alongside Sacha and her boys. Everyone was so well behaved and very patient when waiting for their turn. Hopefully that’s thanks to being on Antinol and I can look forward to my own dogs turning into perfect angels soon too! (Disclaimer: turning your dogs into perfect angels isn’t a known benefit of taking Antinol!)

puddin and mel belgian shepherd antinol
puddin and mel landscape belgian shepherd antinol
matisse in mels arms belgian shepherd antinol
matisse fetch belgian shepherd antinol

I drove out to the countryside for my shoot with Julie and Erin’s dogs. Funnily enough I’d photographed Julie’s dogs before as well, for another commercial client. I was happy to see one of the photos from that shoot in their hallway. The dog world is pretty small.

upside down french bulldog antinol
poodle between owners legs antinol
dobermann kiss antinol

I was sent a big tub of Antinol for my own dogs when I started working on this project so, since I hadn’t photographed any men or boofheads yet I offered up Dave, Bruno and Butters. Thankfully they didn’t make me regret it!

I shared some other pics of Butters from this shoot in my last post about him here.

bruno and dave derp antinol
bruno and dave hug antinol
bruno and dave drop antinol
bruno and dave smile antinol
dave and butters on hip antinol
dave and butters upside-down dog antinol
dave and butters pitbull in car kiss from dad antinol
pit bull looking out car window antinol

There are about a bajillion other photos that I love from these Antinol shoots so maybe there’ll be a second blog post at some point.

Antinol have very kindly agreed to give 3 x 2 month supplies to three lucky subscribers of the ruthlist. Details will be going out today so keep an eye on your inbox if you’re on my list.

I don’t do a lot of people and their pets work but I really enjoyed these sessions, so if you have a pet that you’d love to be photographed with please get in touch.

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