I’ve followed Bailey on Instagram since she was a baby, so I was thrilled to meet her owner at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show in August. I was even more thrilled when she decided to buy my show special, which included a Portrait Session along with a bunch of other goodies. I threw in inclusion in my #SquishyFaceCrew book since they’d missed the cut-off and due to a cancellation I had room for one more.

We started at their home as the first location. Bailey was in cracking form and had a lot to say for herself!

cream french bulldog in a playbow on a grey sofa
cream french bulldog being silly on a grey sofa
cream french bulldog lying on carpet under dining table and chairs

Once I was done shooting indoors we headed to a nearby park. Bailey was still very much a puppy so I was really impressed at how obedient she was. Balancing on a log is no easy task but she nailed this shot.

cream french bulldog standing on a log in the park backlit

My sessions are equal parts posing and play, so next up was a game of fetch and general running around the park seeing what things she could get away with putting in her mouth!

Her people chose that first shot for a large canvas. How happy does she look?

cream french bulldog playing fetch in the park
cream french bulldog lying on the grass in the park
cream french bulldog running with a stick in her mouth in the park

Being just a puppy, Bailey got tired quickly. On the way back to the cars I saw this pretty bush with pink and white flowers that I thought she’d look great underneath. Thankfully she granted me one final lot of photos before letting me know she was definitely done now!

At their viewing her owners selected a collection that includes wall art, an album and digital files. I posted a digital flip through of the album on Instagram. You can follow me here if you’d like to check it out.

cream french bulldog standing under pretty pink flowers on a bush looking up

Bailey’s owners left this lovely five star review for me on Google:

We discovered Ruthless Photos shortly after our puppy arrived and, on reviewing her work, were captivated by its quality. When it was Bailey’s turn to shoot; Ruth came equipped with all of the toys and tools and a weather-dependent location plan—with contingencies—ensuring a smooth process. Ruth is a true professional. Her ability to nail the perfect shot, while retaining and capturing Bailey’s character perfectly was impressive! Indeed, we found it difficult to eliminate any photos from the final selection. Thank you, Ruth. We’re wrapped with the result!

As I mentioned at the start of the post, Bailey is one of 70 squishy faces that are featured in my coffee table fundraiser book, #SquishyFaceCrew. This beautiful, full colour, visual feast can be purchased from my shop by clicking the button below.

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