On Saturday I threw a donut themed party to launch my #SquishyFaceCrew book, my 2019 calendars and diaries and my xmas cards. Chopper and Bruno had the important job of sticking their heads through the donut holes for a promo photo. They take their modelling duties far too seriously though so I had to can that idea!


I wanted to talk to everyone, man the sales table and take photos but apparently I can only do one of those things at a time – who knew?! Here are the few snaps I managed to take. Apologies to all the dogs that missed out … especially Polly Jean who really tried her best to get my attention 😮


You’ll be seeing more of this cute face soon. Bailey had a Portrait Session with me before I went to Europe. She’s the Frenchie version of grumpy cat!


Ted is one of the stars of my 2019 Adorable Puppies diary. It was his first time in a paddling pool and he loved it so much his people stopped at Bunnings on the way home to buy him his very own one.


Bridie and Cooper were there repping Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club. Before they left I had to get some photos of him. Those puppy rolls are too much! (Pug Patrol Rescue Australia were there too but I never got around to photographing them, gah.)

british bulldog puppy standing on a bench

Brian the Briard (owned by Amy’s Puppy Pre-School) is another star of my puppy diary. He had turned one during the week prior and he carried the celebrations on well into Saturday! If there was an award for dog who had the most fun it would be a toss up between him and his partner in crime, Alfie (whose face I’m excited to be sticking my camera lens in again very soon).

goofy briard in yellow flowers
happy cavoodle in yellow flowers

When I was putting the donut displays (one for dogs and one for people) beside the cutout I was wondering if they’d cause an issue when trying to get dogs to look at the camera. Zidane’s a pro though, he got to the job at hand when asked (bribed)!


Because I just love him, here’s the very adorable Tor with his copy of the book. You can see his baby puppy pictures on pages 40 and 41.


Huge thanks to everyone who came to the party. I’m sorry if I didn’t get to talk to you but I’m pretty sure Dave did enough talking for both of us – I think he could talk under water, that one!! There are some phone pics posted in the Facebook event page and on my “fundraisers” highlighted story on Instagram.

If you missed the party and want to get your hands on any of my fundraising publications they’re all available to purchase from my online store. Just click the button below.

The diaries are in stock at The Canine Collective in Narraweena, for your beachies.

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