I don’t usually shoot in January due to the heat and storms but I make an exception for sick dogs (or puppies). When the message came in asking if I could fit in a session ASAP I dropped everything. Sarabi, her 11yo dog that she’d adopted as a puppy, had been diagnosed with an inoperable and very aggressive cancer that day. It was too early to tell if she had days, weeks or even a month before it was time to let her go, but we needed to act fast as her health was visibly deteriorating.

old tan dog headshot serious

Her other dog, 12yo Astro, heard there’d be food so he came along too.

brindle staffy pit bull mix in play bow on log

I love these photos of them together in front of that big dramatic sky. Two of them will make up half of a wall collection and the third is going to be an acrylic block.

two old dogs standing on rock at sunset
two old dogs standing on rock at sunset
two old dogs sitting on rock at sunset

These individual shots make up the other half of the wall collection. Sarabi looks so regal. I don’t think Astro knows the meaning of the word!


Their owner wanted to be in some photos but hated being photographed (I can relate 100%) so I did my best to keep these shots as natural and unposed as possible. We did well not to get blown away in the process.

big dog being hugged by female owner
female hugging her two dogs and smiling

Sarabi underwent some more treatments and seemed to be making good progress but sadly it was short-lived. She was given her wings exactly two months after our session. I’m grateful to have been chosen to preserve her memory, she was a pleasure to photograph. As was Astro. I’m really glad to report that he’s doing ok as an only dog. He may get a brother or sister in the future when the time is right.

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