A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a couple of Beagles, Bella and Bruno, and their people. It was a fabulous Autumn afternoon and everyone was an absolute delight to work with.

Bella is 13 and had major spinal surgery just two years ago, but you’d need to be told because she’s still full of beans.


Bruno’s quite a bit younger – just six years old. He got spooked by something before we even started shooting so I was relieved that I was able to become his new favourite treat dispenser within a few minutes!

happy beagle looking at camera and smiling

This park was a perfect location to compliment their coat colours.


It took a small army of us to make sure the Beagles didn’t let their instincts take over while they were off lead. They were much better behaved than anyone expected though, thankfully!

fit dog running with toy in mouth

Bella and Bruno do like each other but they don’t tend to want to be this close. I had very little time so I’m chalking this up as a major win for the day.

When doing family photos I often have to do head swaps (where you composite the best expressions from multiple shots into the one image) but this family all gave me their best camera face at the same time. Only two of them were rewarded with liver treats though!

two happy beagles lying down in the park on a sunny afternoon
happy couple posing for photo with their two dogs

Before the sun set we headed to the edge of the park to shoot against the big sky with my off-camera lighting gear. It was super windy so I’m glad none of us were blown away.

old greyfaced dog with ear blowing in wind
two dogs photogaphed with off-camera lighting in front of big sky

Bella & Bruno’s people chose my top collection which includes an acrylic wall display, a large custom designed album and all the digital files. I’ve shared a flip through of the album on my Instagram, if you’d like to see more of this gorgeous family.

Have you been thinking about booking me to preserve precious memories like these of your family? Don’t put it off any longer, get in touch today!

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