I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my Squishy Face Crew book photoshoot with Billie Goat and June Bugg. But I’ve already started so I’ll keep going!

brindle boston terrier x pug
black pug with funny face

I have Amy’s Puppy Pre-School to thank again for sending these gals my way. I’m grateful for the referral but also for the lovely well behaved dogs I got to photograph.

happy brindle boston terrier x pug
black pug smiling and looking up at camera

“Will they sit and stay together?”
Of course they will … they’ll even do it while wearing one of their many costumes!

“Will they save a drowning swimmer?”
Maybe that’s asking a bit much!

bugg and pug sitting in bushes with head tilts
two dogs wearing surf rescue costumes
two dogs wearing surf rescue costumes

It wasn’t all serious posing business though. Once the sun had gone down a bit they were able to run around on the beach. Their owners got married on this same beach just a few weeks prior. The recent change in the laws meant that after 20 years together they were finally able to wed – hallelujah. And yes, of course Billie Goat and June Bug were fancy dress wearing ring bearers, I’m surprised you had to ask!

two flat faced dogs running on sand at beach
black pug running at beach
brindle pug mix running with ball on beach at sunset

If you own a squishy faced dog and would like to combine getting your dog professionally photographed with donating money to rescue then please click the button below, I’d love to hear from you.

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