It’s high time I blogged all of these adoptables that I photographed in the last few weeks. This post is merely for you all to look at and enjoy though. No sharing is required because everyone has been adopted!! Hooray for being able to use my powers for good.

I’ve been so busy with my Tails of Sydney book that I never mentioned our foster puppies on the blog. They came and went so quickly, but that’s them at the start of the gallery. Not the Saints, I’m not that mad! The two brindle pups that were photographed on my deck (as well as in the park, on the day I stole them from Saving Staffies!).

If you received this blog post by email, please click on the heading to open in a web browser so you can view the gallery properly. Click on the first image to open and then scroll using the next and back buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Since there are no homeless puppies for you to share this time around maybe you’d like to share this post instead? All money raised from their sale goes directly to Fetching Dogs to help them with the invaluable work that they do. I’m going to go there again … they make great Christmas presents!

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