If you’ve seen me blog a photoshoot with a Husky before chances are it was one of Rogue’s pack. I’ve photographed seven of Kirsten’s dogs to date – Kirra, Kara, Pepe, the twins, Esme and finally Rogue. She was saving the best until last. (The best and I dare say her favourite!) After the twins were as bratty as a pair of teenage Huskies could be at their Tails of Sydney shoot we decided to wrap it up and try again another day with golden child here. He’s been attending regular training sessions since he was adopted about 18mos ago and all their hard work has moulded Rogue into a really lovely dog. The first part of this is some photos from his Tails of Sydney shoot at Nurrangingy Reserve (but I saved the best for the book, which will be going to print very soon).


siberian husky with bi-coloured eyes

siberian husky chinese gardens

siberian husky chinese gardens

siberian husky in front of bridge

smiling siberian husky at lake

The rest of the photos in this post are from Rogue’s official portrait session, a few weeks later.

happy siberian husky beside rural wooden fence

derpy husky

We were so lucky with the sky that day. How pretty are all those clouds?

siberian husky on log with dramatic sky

siberian husky with cloudy sky

siberian husky on log with dramatic sky


smiling siberian husky on log from above

It’s extremely rare that I get to photograph Huskies that can be trusted off-lead. Rogue is no exception. I thought we might still be able to do some play photos with this new toy I gave him but he was way more interested in food and the possibility of earning some.

siberian husky with blue ball and stormy sky

He did show me his new trick though. I was impressed!

siberian husky begging or sitting pretty

I didn’t get a chance to photograph the order before it was collected today but here’s a composite of the 20×30″ framed wall art. There’s a page turn of Rogue’s album on my Instagram.


Do you love your dogs as much as Kirsten? I can create equally beautiful memories for you too, let’s talk!

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