A couple of months ago, when I didn’t greet every client with “gosh, it’s cold, isn’t it?”, I had the pleasure of photographing Patches and Dudley and the ladies in their life.

two small dogs of sydney

The shoot was a birthday present for Patches’ mum (the one getting kissyfaced) from her daughter (the one that’s quite ok with not getting kissyfaced!).

two women with two little dogs of sydney

This is 10yo Dudley. He was supposed to be the easy one but he made sure I put some solid groundwork in before he was ready for his close up.

little dog sitting on bench dogs of sydney

Dudley’s partner in crime is 9yo Patches. She was in the early stages of heart failure when we did the shoot and last I heard she wasn’t doing very well. I’m glad I got to capture her when she was still happy and full of beans.

small white dog standing on bench dogs of sydney


little dog running in park dogs of sydney

There’s a certain naughty little Staffy here beside me who has this same party trick. She knows that if she drops and rolls over people will scratch her belly. Dogs train their people so very well!

small white dog lying on back looking for belly rubs

little white dog running in park dogs of sydney

This is Dudley’s signature move, it’s pretty adorable and got him ALLLL of the treats.

small dog begging looks like praying dogs of sydney

I contacted Kerry before publishing this to see if there was any update on Patches’ health but I haven’t heard back from her yet. Here’s hoping that no news is good news.

smiling maltese dog

These photos are currently being made into a gorgeous album. I’ll post a video of it on my Instagram at some point.

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