At this time of year I like to sit down and take a look back at all the furry faces I was lucky enough to photograph in the previous twelve months. It’s a time when I reflect on the highlights of the year and set goals for the following year. 2015 was a very difficult year for me personally and I struggled with some health issues, took two trips to the ER and had a bodgy knee that saw me having to take a lengthy break from shooting while I recovered from surgery. That was definitely a low point, but things have been very much brighter in the latter part of the year and I’m heading into 2016 with shades donned! (Please get the 80’s song reference!) 2015 wasn’t all bad though, despite the hurdles I still managed to donate over 50% of my time to charitable causes. I directly helped 78 dogs and puppies to find homes, fostered two puppies and donated vouchers, photos and graphic design services to ultimately help even more animals in need. It’s my private and commercial clients that enable me to continue to offer this invaluable pro-bono service to charities so I’m eternally grateful for their continued support. In 2016 I hope to step up my charity work with my Tails of Sydney fundraiser coffee table book. Applications just opened and I can.not.wait to start shooting!

After much agonising I’ve narrowed my gallery down to 84 images that I consider to be my best dog photos of 2015. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Several of the photos in this gallery are also in my charity fundraiser calendar and diary. You can still buy them online here and from Rupert&Dora in Paddington.

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