I’ve known Robbo’s people for quite some time as they foster (and foster fail!) for Arctic Breed Rescue. In fact you would have met some of his family in this blog post. We did the first part of Robbo’s session very verrrry early one cold spring morning back in September.

big eared dog at sunrise with off camera flash

Robbo had no personal space issues, clearly.

dog extreme closeup

Getting Robbo’s ears up is a mission, so getting them up and combined with a head tilt was a definite win.

shepherd mix dog doing head tilt

Did I mention it was cold and early? The Darwin dog was feeling it.

sad dog at sunrise

Scheduling their natural light session was tricky. Since booking, Karron had become pregnant and Dave had been transferred to Queensland for work so there was only a small window of opportunity when we could do the shoot before they were set to leave. Unfortunately, being summer, the weather was all over the place. We went ahead anyway, because dogs don’t care about backlighting and bokeh – look at that smile!

happy dog with big ears

He didn’t appreciate me calling him Yoda.

sombre yoda dog

Dog with yoda ears

But he laughed it off.

Happy shepherd mix dog


David served two deployments in East Timor and suffers from PTSD as a result. He’s going to be raising awareness and fundraising for Soldier On. You can read more about his story and follow his journey on his Facebook page.

soldier with his dog

Karron and Dave used to live in Darwin and that’s where Robbo came into their lives. He’s believed to be a Shepherd x Dingo – the mother was a Shepherd and there were a lot of Dingos native to the area. He suffered bad mange as a pup which left him with a lot of scarring all over his body. He’s been a loyal sidekick to Dave since he was a baby puppy. He lives with two Huskies now and keeps the pack in line.

soldier with his camp dog

a man and his dog

Robbo had to be kept on lead for most of the session as there were families nearby but as soon as they left he got to have a bit of a run.

dog running towards camera

“Maybe some grovelling will get me a treat”

a soldier in fatigues with loyal dog

The cloud had rolled in thick and fast so we packed up and started walking back to the car. I noticed this lovely spot for a photo on the way. What a dramatic sky!

funny dog photo

Robbo’s Deluxe Collection won’t go into production until later in 2016 but I’ll share it on my Facebook page when it’s finished. Karron and Dave and their pack have left NSW now, I wish them all the happiness in the world for the next exciting chapter of their lives.

Update Nov 2016: The order is now complete, here’s a photo of it all together.

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