I had hoped to do a Christmas photo of all four dogs together to round up 2015, as per tradition, but I’ve been flat out for the past few months. Which is not a bad complaint! But one (extremely good looking) dog is better than none, right?

pit bull type dog wrapped in fairly lights for Christmas

I’m officially on holidays and I’ll be taking a break from all things Ruthless for the rest of the year. (As I’m writing that I know it probably won’t be more than a week and as if I’m not going to take any photos for that week even, #workaholic) But, my auto-reply will be on and I’m going to take a break from social media. I’ll be back with a bang in 2016 with my best of 2015 and the launch of my Tails of Sydney charity book project.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog posts and takes the time to reply to them sometimes and generally makes me feel like I’m not talking to myself on here. There are a few standouts but I won’t name for fear of forgetting others. Please know that your appreciation is appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year <3

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