In my client’s own words … “We chose the fabulous Ruth O’Leary from Ruthless Photos to photograph our two reprobates. After Kela’s near death experience and Kodiak’s recent health issues, we didn’t want to not have photos. Ruth has done a stunning job and this is why we chose her. Anyone who can get four huskies to look at the camera at the same time has to be a miracle worker. When we saw that shot we said this is the woman for us!”

The owners of these two beautiful creatures also run AMRAA – Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Australia (support them, they do great work!!). We met at a park near where they used to live, I never even knew it existed! I’ve lived here for nearly 11 years and there’s still so much of Sydney that I have yet to discover. Kela has been attacked a number of times so, understandably, she’s more comfortable when there are no other dogs around. This spot was ideal, we had it all to ourselves. Kodiak is the first blind dog that I’ve ever worked with. Luckily for me there’s not a thing wrong with his sense of smell so I was still able to use treats to get him to look at the camera. We did a number of photos in this leafy area, where the sun filtered beautifully through the trees, before driving to the coast to do some sunset shots.

Their order is currently at the lab so I can’t share it with you yet. There is a digital flick through of their album on my Instagram account though >

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