If you read the title and thought “hey, I missed part 1”, don’t bother going looking for it, because I actually missed it too! At the start of the year some pet photographer friends and I talked about doing a monthly photo challenge. We had such crummy weather in January (she says in March while there’s yet another storm raging outside) that I didn’t make the Photoshop Challenge deadline, but the image I eventually created for it was still relevant for February’s theme – “Light”. We can interpret it however we want, so I’m submitting this composite I did of Bruno that has serious backlighting and some flare.

happy pit bull type dog sitting in park bokeh panorama and lens flare

This image is made up of approximately 40 individual shots which were then stitched together. Bruno underwent an ear transplant in post production as he was wearing his bad Amstaff ears in the original photo. Probably due to the seventy million bats (that’s a conservative estimate) that were hanging in the trees above us getting ready for their night-time escapades! There’s a much bigger version on my Facebook page here. You can click on the little arrows on the top right corner to make it full screen.

Make sure you check out Sarah McGraw‘s interpretation of the brief also by following this link and then at the end of her post you’ll find a link to Holly Montgomery‘s submission. Enjoy!

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