You know what I noticed recently? I don’t photograph nearly enough Boxers. And then along came Chloe and all was right in my world again.


We didn’t have dogs when I was growing up (actually we had one but I was very young when he “ran away”) but my Mum has always had a thing for Boxers. Any time we’d pass one she’d always comment on how if she ever got another dog it would be a Boxer. I guess she passed her love of the breed on to me and I always find myself drawn to them as well. When Chloe’s session booking came in, accompanied by a photo of her balancing a marshmallow on her nose, I was audibly delighted.


We met at a local park, where Chloe and some of her favourite people had been for a while already to burn some energy off, but she was still all go go go. When she wasn’t running around she was chewing on something, anything!



Sticks were by far her favourite though. The bigger, the better.


In her defence, when she was told to sit and stay she didn’t protest too much. So long as I inserted treats into her drool, grass and stick covered mouth!


Kelly and Chloe have a very strong bond and getting them to snuggle for a photo was no challenge at all. Aren’t they a good looking pair?


Thanks for a fun afternoon ladies. It was good to hear that Chloe was just as tired as me afterwards and slept well that night. All part of the service.

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