As I was driving to Centennial Park last week for Fonzie and Luna’s session, I got a text from their owner to say they were early and the dogs were having a run. I was going to reply asking her not to wear them out, but I was behind the wheel so I hoped for the best. Little did I know that these two terriers have enough energy to power the whole of Sydney!


Fonzie and Luna’s owners are creating a new product for the pet market and these photos are to go on their website. They brought a shot list along and I asked them to bring any favourite toys belonging to the dogs. I’ve been in the pet industry a while and as the owner of four dogs I’ve seen a lot of toys but, I have to say, this giant red egg was new to me.


Fonzie LOVES it and took every opportunity to try and emancipate it from it’s carry bag when he was supposed to be giving me blue steel.


Luna isn’t without her quirks either … running with her tongue out is her thing.


She does a very impressive head tilt too. She practically tilted her way off the log a few times.


The end knot from a rawhide bone was brought for Luna, but big brother Fonzie stole it and did a few laps of honour before demolishing it. I wasn’t too sad to see it go. Not the most photogenic prop in the world!


After they’d burned off about 2% of the crazy we did some portraits. I managed to get three photos here before they were off and running again.


What do you do when you want to be in the photos, but kinda not at the same time? You do this!


After two hours of mayhem Fonzie was still ready for action. Gotta love that Staffy exuberance.


I generally bring a toy for my subjects, and this session was no different except I waited until the end to give it to them because I’ve seen firsthand how some dogs can react to a cuz toy. Fonzie was no exception. As I was saying he’ll probably chew the feet off he spat one out and went bouncing and squeaking into the distance with Luna hot on his heels. Apparently he fell asleep cradling it.

I got a massive warm fuzzy feeling when this email came through from my clients last night …

“What can I say … we have not stopped smiling all night! We are delighted! For us, you have really captured the heart of these guys and what they are about. Thank you so so much again for contributing to such a special time in our lives.”


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