I had barely finished unpacking my holiday clothes when it was time to roll my sleeves up and get back to work. Dan, Bobo and Ruff were my first clients of the year. Their owners warned me that they’re “monsters”. I wouldn’t go that far, but they certainly did make me work for my money!



They suggested this location as they wanted a mix of nature and man-made backdrops. It’s been years since I shot here, but just like last time my clients were fluffy dogs and it was a super windy day. The session ended up running for an extra hour, probably because I had to wait for the gaps between the gusts.



Dan was quite a ham for the camera. He quickly learned that cooperation meant food.



I’m such a sucker for an underbite.


These guys live in an apartment complex so they loved the big dog park where they got to run around like maniacs.




I just adore this photo of Dan – he looks so ridiculously happy!


When the sun was finally low enough to do a photo in front of the Anzac Bridge I took on the very difficult task of getting all three dogs to pose for a group shot. Everyone was tired and pretty over it and the wind was doing it’s very best to blow them off the wall, but we managed to get there in the end. Not long before the moon took over from the sun.


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