Welcome to the second update of 2012 – no fear of us being accused of spamming. Quality, not quantity!

The collar we made for Gollom the Bull Mastiff was such a hit we decided to add a Go GIANT! option to our wide collars section. Oh, did you even notice the collar or were you too busy falling in love with that big wrinkly face? I know the feeling!

Another stunning collar model I had the pleasure of photographing was Nugget the Staffy in our latest design, The Clockworker. It’s another steampunk inspired number with cogs, aged silver spots and black gems.

The Braveheart training collar isn’t a new design, but this is the first time it’s been photographed. Cocoa stepped up to the plate again. She’s such a great model. Probably because her owner is a dog trainer!

Some more from the “did you know” series…

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