When I originally did the pre-session consult for this shoot Jack and Alfie were the only resident dogs. On the day of the session I turned up to find they had just bought a puppy – Milo. Unfortunately my back was out so I had to make massive apologies and told them I’d be in touch to reschedule. A year and some house renovations later we finally went ahead with the shoot.

Milo is far from a puppy anymore, but he’s grown into a gorgeous dog who LOVES having his photo taken!

Jack is the eldest. He loves chasing water so that’s why he looks a little bedraggled in most of the photos!

Alfie is just adorable. He would’ve happily swapped the posing for cuddles though.

They live opposite a dog park. Lucky boys!

Jack loves his ball. And make no mistake, it’s his ball!

When all excess energy and camera shyness was well and truly burnt off, it was time for a group shot… such little cuties.

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