It’s been ages since we’ve had time away with the dogs [or without them for that matter] so when I found out that a holiday rental we’ve been to before down the South Coast was available for the Queen’s birthday long weekend I didn’t hesitate to book it. It’s a long drive – especially if you go the wrong way like we did – but it’s worth it. After 6+ hours in the car the dogs were ready to burn off some energy, so before going to buy groceries we gave them a big runaround in the garden. It was bright but overcast. Perfect photography conditions!

Saturday marked a year since Bruno joined our pack so he had a special “Gotcha Day” outing to the beach. As soon as his leash was unclipped he went about “killing” every bit of seaweed in his path. It was beyond ridiculous to watch – he’s such a clown!

As soon as he’d removed any potential threat from the seaweed he decided to play with his favourite Cuz toy.

When all his energy was expended he did some lovely posing while the sun set.

Back at the house Angel and Chopper took their sentinel duties at the window very seriously.

Bruno, not so much!

It would have been wrong to leave without a photo on the terrible 60s carpet.

I also took the opportunity to finally take a family portrait. Bruno decided everyone was being all too serious for his liking, but Chopper didn’t break his pose. What a champion!

If you want to see more photos from our trip you can check out the whole album on Bruno’s page here.

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