Yesterday we took cute little Pommie to the beach to get photos for his adoption profile. Pommie is another Fetching Dogs rescue from Renbury Farm Animal Shelter. He was thought to have a neurological problem as he had bad balance and would fall over, but as soon as he went into foster care he was taken to the vet and diagnosed with nerve damage to one of his back legs. He’s a little slow to get around, but he doesn’t let anything get in the way of his adventurous spirit. He’s not much of a smiler, but he’s very affectionate, a quick learner and loves other dogs.

Are we done yet?

Pommie’s adoption profile can be viewed here >

Fetching Dogs are currently having a fun fundraiser. Tickets are $10 each and you could win $500. Details are on their Facebook page.

Update 23 May 2012: Pommie was given his wings last night. Specialists concluded that he most likely had neosporosis and despite treatment, his health declined rapidly. RIP little man x

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