Seven month old Marley has been abandoned not once, but twice in his short life. I fell in love with his photo a couple of months ago on the Renbury Farm Animal Shelter Facebook page. He was adopted along with another pup, but not long afterwards he was seen advertised on Gumtree as they decided they didn’t have time for two young dogs. I presumed that he must be a bit of a handful, but having spent a few hours with him yesterday and today his only fault seems to be that he pulls on the lead! He’s great with other dogs and very affectionate and yes, you’ve guessed it, I want him!!

The day prior to his glamour shoot we brought him to the dog park to burn off some steam before meeting Darren’s other dogs. He had an absolute blast there. Here’s some footage of him playing with Willow the Husky >

I got this shot of Marley running with Whiskey the Staffy [who belongs to Darren from Fetching Dogs]. He said that it looks like they’re on invisible motorbikes. They’re not invisible any more though! haha Nice Photoshoppery Darren!

Marley is available for adoption through Fetching Dogs in Sydney >

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