The weather in Sydney recently has been wreaking havoc with my booking schedule. I’ve gotten to a point where I presume I’ll have to reschedule a shoot at least two times before it happens! On Tuesday the sky was totally overcast and it was really windy so I stopped my car on the way to Annandale to confirm that Lisa really wanted to go ahead with Pepper and Gucci’s shoot. She said yes and I’m really glad that she did because photographing two very fluffy Pomeranians in the wind is fun!

Watching them run was probably the highlight of my day!

Gucci is a supermodel in the making. She totally worked the camera!

Nice owners, nice dogs, nice house and nice park – all the vital ingredients for a great session!

Please note that Gucci’s tear stains have been pulled back in some but not all of her photos for this blog post. Naturally they’ll be consistently done in any images that Lisa buys at her ordering session.

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