On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Xiao Ni the Pomeranian. His name means little lion and when he struck this pose for me I thought it was utterly appropriate!

Xiao Ni’s owners are about to fly back to the UK to get married. Because he can’t go with them, his “Dad” arranged to have some photos done to give to his fiancé on their wedding morning. How sweet.

Xiao Ni lives in a city apartment, but it has a great rooftop terrace where he can run around with his Cuz toy. Such a playful little man!

After the terrace we took a stroll down to the local park, but Xiao Ni was tuckered out after all his running around so he just sat quietly on the bench looking handsome.

Thanks for a fun afternoon Chris. I hope Emily likes her present and you both have a fantastic wedding day!

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