Meet Bruno! We’re going to be fostering him when we get back from overseas [more about that below]. The reason I haven’t been taking a lot of photos recently or blogging is because I’ve been setting up Bull Breeds in Need. As I was putting listings on the Facebook page yesterday I saw this cute munchkin on death row. I couldn’t let him die, he’s just too lovely!

He’s probably under a year. Not sure what breed. Bigger than Angel but smaller than Trixie. Maybe Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with American Staffordshire Terrier. Or just cute crossed with adorable!

We’re going on holidays next Friday. Returning early-mid June [not sure of the exact date yet]. I’ll be answering emails while we’re away, but maybe not straight away. Ruthless Leather orders won’t go into production until we return, so the lead time will be a little longer than usual. Please be patient, it’s worth the wait!

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