William and Brown really are the quintessential odd couple! William the Westie is your typical cheeky little terrier and Brown the Greyhound is quiet and unassuming… although he is prone to the occasional bout of zoomies! We started at their house in Paddington and then moved on to Centennial Park.

William likes to drop, crawl and then roll around like a crazy thing!

Brown just likes relaxing and taking it all in.

Isn’t he cute as a button?

Brown used to be a racer, but he was dumped and subsequently rescued. Although he’s very happy with his new life as a lounge lizard he still likes to stretch his legs occasionally.

William likes to run too!

William and Brown’s owners won this session in a fund-raising auction for Pet Rescue. So not only was it heaps of fun to do this shoot, but the money went to a great cause also. Thanks Sophie and Alex!

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