Last weekend Bindi and Ralf joined the ever increasing list of Fireax Dobermanns that I’ve photographed! Ella makes gorgeous dogs and these two were no exception. I had mentioned to their owner, in an email, that she might like to run them beforehand if she thought they might need to burn off some excess energy. When I arrived and saw how chilled they were I could see why she had laughed off my suggestion. They’re both eight years old, so maybe in a few years time I can look forward to my lot being well behaved when strangers come to the house too. Maybe?!

I started with Bindi purely because she was standing up and seemed ready. She was so easy to work with and the light was gorgeous.

They have a great big swimming pool in their back garden. I love how the blue compliments her chocolate coat.

She loves fishing tennis balls out of it. Don’t think she’ll give it back to you though, it’s HER ball now!

Next up was Ralf. He wasn’t quite as easy to photograph, but he loved my treats so he gave me some cracking smiles to work with. Editing out the drool took a while though!!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and your dogs Anna. If you need someone to house sit [preferably in the summer!] you just let me know, ok! 😉

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