Ruby’s owner was the 1000th person to join my Facebook page. I wanted to mark the occasion somehow, but with fans from all over the world I hadn’t decided what to do. When I looked at Alina’s profile I saw that she lived in Sydney so I offered her a free photoshoot and a mounted print. I was warned that Ruby can be a bit territorial and bark at strangers when they first arrive, but even Alina was surprised when after ten minutes she was still barking at me! She’s a very food motivated dog, so I was lucky to be able to get her to focus on the treat long enough to forget about the evil intruder.

Ruby has the best frinkles and wrinkles!

When the light in the garden started to fade we went to a nearby park so Ruby could have a run around. Look at her go!!

Ruby did some collar modeling while I was there too. You can see more of her striking a pose in the next Ruthless Leather update!

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